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Farewell to the plough

Words and chords

Guitar tuning: EADGAE
Capo: none
Actual key: A (no 3rd)


  • Ano3My father's father's fathers were Dm7raised on this land G(2) Dm7 Ano3------------ and FI'm a G9simple Ano3man.
  • Why they say that I can't stay - they've Dm7got no room for me G(2) Dm7 Ano3---------------- FI don't G9underAno3stand.
  • Now it's F-- fareG9well to the Ano3plough, F-- goodG9bye to the Emsus4land.
  • They're Fwalling up the Cwater, Dm7fencing in the Ano3fields. F-- FareG9well to the Ano3plough.


  • When I was just a lad working by my father's side, he would say "my son
  • don't forget this land is yours - it's for your children too - guard it when I'm gone."
  • But it's farewell to the plough, goodbye to the land.
  • We can't make a living now the hand looms weave no more. Farewell to the plough.



  • I'll get me down to Cotton Town to the factories and smoke - see what work I find.
  • I'll take me to the hiring fair with a cart and two strong arms, leave the hills behind.
  • So it's farewell to the plough, goodbye to the land.
  • Standing in the rain with all the family gathered round. Farewell to the plough.
  • Farewell to the plough, farewell to the plough.

Info and tips

THE song needs to sound 'raw', hence the use of a home chord of A with no 3rd in it - so it's neither major nor minor - just roots and fifths. Tuning the 2nd string down to A results in two unison A notes sounding on the 2nd and 3rd strings when you play the "Ano3" chord, which gives the song a sort of modal feel.

I play it fingerstyle with the thumb picking out the bass notes. The tune notes on the top strings fall under the fingers in the EADGAE tuning. It'll be hard to figure out from the CD what the acoustic guitar's doing in the break, since there's a lot going on; I suggest you make up you own break or leave it out.

Watch the tempo doesn't run away!

Credits for "Farewell to the plough"
on Clive's CD "A northern man"

Clive Leyland: lead vocal, acoustic, high-strung & electric guitars, mandolin, synth pad, percussion.

Terry Bowles: bass, bass pedals, percussion design.

Alan Roscoe: harmony vocal.

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Ano3 C Dm7 Emsus4 F G(2) G9