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Northern Man CDCLIVE LEYLAND'S first solo CD - A Northern Man - musical snapshots of life in and around a Lancashire Town (Bolton) over the last 200 years.
13 original songs which Clive says arose out of curiosity about what shaped the town as it is now and what shaped him as a northern man. The events are real and happened in real places to real people, many of them from Clive's own family. A common thread throughout the songs is that sense of place that seems to be missing from many lives.

Other recordings

Clive has begun recording two more CDs: "Tendril Tales" and "Folk Songs & Fake Songs" (working title). These will include many songs Clive regularly performs live.

Clive also appears on the following CDs:
Auld Triangle: "At Westhoughton Folk Club"
Pete Abbott: "Against the Wall"
Bandersnatch: "Round and Round" (release due soon)

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A northern man
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Not only does Clive Leyland provide the listener with over an hour of thoughtfully constructed words and music, but the accompanying booklet is an accomplished and thought provoking history of the struggles in northern life across the last two hundred years...

Anthony John Clarke
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