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The better part of me

Words and chords

Guitar tuning: EADGAE
Capo: fret 2, play in D
Actual key: E


  • D(1)---- G9--- D(1)---- G9---


  • D(1)---- If G9you will walk with Dme, D(1)---- if G9you will take my Ano3hand,
  • Emsus4Stay -- with me through G9all my days, Ano3----- know my mind and Bno3all -- my ways,
  • G9--- I will Emsus4always be your Ano3man.


  • D(1)---- G9Though the way is Dlong, D(1)---- G9it's so plain to Ano3see
  • Emsus4It ---- won't be a G9rich man's road, Ano3----- but it's paved with Bno3gold
  • G9--- If you'll be the Emsus4better -- Ano3part of Dme.


  • G9--- You'll be the Emsus4better -- Ano3part of Dme
  • G9--- And I will Emsus4try --- to be the Ano3man you need. D(1)----


(Chords as verse two)

  • And when the children grow, they will carry on
  • As the seed lies in the ground and the seasons turn around -
  • Part of you and part of me.


(Chords as verse two)



  • D(1)---- And G9when the evening Dcomes, D(1)---- G9when the race is Ano3run,
  • Emsus4Dreaming by the G9fire's glow, Ano3----- watch the embers Bno3burning low
  • G9--- With the Emsus4better -- Ano3part of Dme, G9--- with the Emsus4better -- Ano3part of Dme,
  • G9--- With the Emsus4better -- Ano3part of Dme.


  • D-- Ano3----- D(high)------

Info and tips

I PLAY this with a pick and a extensive right-hand damping. It's very rhythmic and syncopated, with the emphasis on beats 1 and "2-and-a-half" of each bar. The tuning and simple chord shapes allow the left hand to do a lot of hammer-ons and pull-offs.

The guitar break is based on the basic chords with a few passing notes thrown in. Didn't really know what to call that final chord in the outro (D high) - just see the blobs on the chord shape and note it's at the 10th fret.

Credits for "The better part of me"
on Clive's CD "A northern man"

Clive Leyland: lead and harmony vocals, acoustic, high-strung & electric guitars, piano, percussion.

Terry Bowles: bass, bass pedals, percussion design.

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Ano3 Bno3 D D(1) D(high) Em7sus4 G9